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The Stigma of Mental Health in Schools

So what is stigma? Stigma is a strong feeling of disapproval associated with a particular thing. The stigma of mental health can often divide children and leave them feeling ostracised. In fact, stigma is one of the most important problems in the entire mental health field.  By understanding what stigma is, young people can seek help by talking to their parents or teachers.

Mental health is often not commonly talked about in schools. People are not adversely educated in the struggles some may be facing. Some schools have approached mental health  but only the milder types like insomnia and exam stress. However, they never seem to bring up topics like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
One way that schools can approach fighting the stigma, is by introducing curriculum based learning programmes that explicitly teach about mental health issues and develop students’ mental health literacy. Also, by providing a safe, trustworthy environment, young people may feel more open to seeking the help they need.


Interview with David Swete

David Swete has been around the world twice, and agree to an interview for Priory students.

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What is the official age for children to be using social media?

The age that should be allowed for teenagers to be on social media is around 13 to 16.The minimum age for WhatsApp is 16.Youtube, Wechat and kik, have a minimum age required of 18, although kik aged 13 to 17 can signup with parents permission. Wayback then, Twitter very clearly stated the minimum age required for anyone signing, up for a new account on the social network:13.

This was also located in their terms of service.However,in 2009 it was removed and replaced to Twitter’s privacy policy.

Facebook is the most popular social networking sites with over 800 million people online – lots of them are our age.With people posting and liking everyday it is a great way to share what youre doing with ur friends. BUT ARE THEY ALL FRIENDS???People can also hold fake accounts pretending to be someone they’re not which can be very dangerous. NEVER MEET A PERSON THAT YOU HAVE NEVER MET IN REAL LIFE!! Usually, children our age completely  ignore about the age that is acceptable on social medias and just start to make accounts. They are also a HUGE FAVOURITE with children, allowing them to stay in touch with friends over chats,meeting new friends with similar interests,but they have no idea if they are actually talking to the person that they think they are talking to because they might lie about their own age and ask them to meet them and that would be a huge dangerous thing to do especially without your parents knowing about it!


– Rashida

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We go LIVE in 2017 !!!!

picture1The BBC News day is March 16th 2017

BBC News Day @Priory school

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We had an incredible day starting at 8:25 am. The first thing we did was to set up a time-lapse video using an iPad to capture the entire day. We had a short meeting to establish what our roles and responsibilities where. We chose our main stories for the day and set checkpoints to keep us on schedule.

See the videos uploaded

The main stories for 2016 were:
What is a Referendum?
The New Priory School (what’s changed?)
The Animal Farm (what does it take to make a production like this?)
International women’s day (what’s it about?)
Visiting Disneyland (science trip)
Flying a Drone (the do’s and don’ts)
An anti bullying message.
Sports and Weather

Our deadline was 2pm!!!

Time flew by very quickly and things began to get interesting. The sports correspondent Blake had to record his video presentation 6 times to get it perfect. We experimented with vlogging and Nadeen created a fantastic power-point presentation with after a lot of research.

The writers spent time creating the narration and interview questions in preparation for video interviews and the I.T department prepared the drone for flight.

We had a short break then returned to recording and editing. We had a video on how to bake a cake and decided to create our own music using software on thee school computer. It was pretty good and everybody liked it even the Headteacher Mr Vaughn, who stopped by to visit the News team.

We went to the Tennis center to fly the drone which was scary but fun and we made a video on the dos and don’t s of flying a drone.

Then we had to edit all the videos and begin to finish up the interviews. We had 1 super editor, Katya who was responsible for all proof reading and uploading to the website.

Just like last year, we faced many challenges and setbacks but we overcame them. we had a lot of fun generating media about our school and we loved working with the technology available to us in our school.

See you soon.

Priory School BBC News Report team 2016


Dance Show Interview

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